Day 11: No.31 Chikurin-ji (竹林寺)

Field burning for agriculture

Nice view from Mt.Godai

It’s a bit of a relief to finally see the tram in Kochi city, but I have to climb up Mt.Godai to get to No.31 Chikurin-ji… In the end, I managed to get there, while I was worrying about my knee.

The main gate of No31 Chikurin-ji

Five-storied pagoda and Taishi-do

No.31 Chikurin-ji is built in a mossy atmospheric garden and it has a wonderful five-storied pagoda. It’s already close to 17:00 and there was no one, so I could worship in a quiet atmosphere.

I noticed that two priests entered the main temple and started to recite the sutra. I felt it’s like beautiful music.

The main temple of No.31 Chikurin-ji

Fortune papers are tied

The rope is connected with Kobo-Daishi

After they stamped and wrote scripts on my stamp book, I suddenly remembered that this temple is famous for its Yokan (sweet been jelly) and asked if I could buy it. Unfortunately, the shop was already closed… too bad.

The precincts of No.31 Chikurin-ji

The temple stamp of No.31 Chikurin-ji

Dedicated toMonjyu-Dai-Bosatsu (文殊大菩薩)
Founded byGyoki-Bosatsu (行基菩薩)
DenominationShingon-sect Chisan-group (真言宗智山派)
Mantraおん あらはしゃ なう
On Arahasha Nau
Next templeNo.32 Zenjibu-ji (5.7 Km away)
Previous templeNo.30 Zenraku-ji (6.6 Km away)
No.31 Chikurin-ji