Day 3: Route & Timetable

Today, it would be a long mountain climbing. The landlord kindly prepared rice balls for lunch, I also bought two bottles of green tee. In fact, I decided to leave a small drier. I brought it to dry shoes etc when it’s wet due to rain. However, I really want to make my backpack lighter. OK ready to go.

6:30Departure (D): Ryokan Yoshino
8:00Arrival (A): Chodo-an
9:20A: Ryusui-an
10:20A: Jyoren-an
12:10A: No.12 Shozan-ji
13:10D: Walk to WEEK Kamiyama
13:40A: Jyosan-an
15:30A: WEEK Kamiyama
Day 3: Route & Timetable

Here’re some pictures from day 3.