Day 8: No.24 Hotsumisaki-ji (最御崎寺)

The main gate of No.24 Hotsumisaki-ji

No.24 Hostsumisaki-ji is located on a mountain climbing up from cape Muroto. There’re quite many tourists around cape Muroto, but here there’re almost no one.

The precincts of No.24 Hotsumisaki-ji

Although the precincts of No.24 Hotsumisaki-ji is compact, there’re the main temple, the Taishi-do, a bell-tower, a sumo-wrestling ring and a two-storey pagoda, a small hall praying to cure eye diseases in it.

A sumo wrestling ring

Kane-ishi – a stone making sounds like bell when hitting with a pebble

Kane-ishi is quite interesting. If you hit with a pebble, then it sounds like high-tone bell indeed. And it is said that this sound would reach to the underworld.

Two-storey pagoda

The main temple of No.24 Hotsumisaki-ji

Usually I stayed around 30 minutes in one sacred temple to do all the routine but here it would take more time since there’re actually many things to look at.

The sight-seeing map of cape Muroto

Lunch – lightly roasted bonito

Lightly roasted bonito (Katsuo-no-tataki) is definitely one of the most famous food in Kochi prefecture. It was really tasty with simple salt and Yuzu-su (local citrus vinegar).

Mikuro-do, where Kobo-Daishi practiced Buddhist asceticism

It is said that Kobo-Daishi practiced Buddhist asceticism by reciting mantra (Noubou Akyasha Kyarabaya On Arikiya Maribori Sowaka) one million times here at Mikuro-do when he was 19 years old.

Nio-statue and Kobo-Daishi

Kobo-Daishi and Buddha

Kobo-Daishi is standing on Shikoku island

The white statue looking at the sea is Kobo-Daishi when he was young. He’s standing on Shikoku island, on which we can find the location of 88 sacred temples.

Mandala ?

And underneath of the statue, you can see this Mandala… honestly it’s bit cheap-looking stuff for typical sight-seeing things…

The temple stamp of No.24 Hotsumisaki-ji

Usually as the temple stamp, the name of the temple is written at the left side. However, here “the eastern temple (東寺)” is used. In Kochi prefecture, there’re two famous capes at the eastern edge (cape Muroto) and the western edge (cape Ashizuri), and there’s a sacred temple at each cape. One of them is No.24 Hotsumisaki-ji, and the other is No.38 Kongofuku-ji known as “the western temple (西寺)”

Dedicated toKokuzo-Bosatsu (虚空蔵菩薩)
Founded byKobo-Daishi (弘法大師)
DenominationShingon-sect Busan-group (真言宗豊山派)
Mantraのうぼう あきゃしゃ きゃらばや おん ありきや まりぼり そわか
Noubou Akyasha Kyarabaya On Arikiya Maribori Sowaka
Next templeNo.25 Sinsho-ji (6.5 Km away)
Previous templeNo.23 Yakuo-ji (75.4 Km away)
I also visited Bekkaku No.4 Saba-Daishi Yasaka-ji
No.24 Hotsumisaki-ji