Day 28: Bekkaku No.12 Mani-san Enmei-ji (摩尼山 延命寺)

Cherry blossoms already bloomed here

I was a little surprised to see a few cherry blossoms beginning to bloom at a place famous for its Bujyo cherry blossoms.

The pilgrimage route passes through the shopping street

A lovely handwritten sign board

I think it’s not common where the pilgrimage route passes through a shopping street. There were only a few stores open, perhaps because it was Saturday. However, there were some children playing inside the shopping street, which is nice.

Bekkaku No.12 Enmei-ji

Izari matsu

At Enmei-ji, there used to be a magnificent 850-year-old pine tree (Izari-matsu) until it died in 1968. Now, there are only the roots to show its size.

Once upon a time, an old man with a limp was taking a rest under this big pine tree when Kobo-Daishi walked by. He told Kobo-Daishi about his physical condition. When Kobo-Daishi learned his situation, he made a thousand sheets of paper talisman, floated them in water, and gave them to the old man to drink while praying for blessings. Then his leg was healed. The word “Izari” is no longer used in recent days, but refers to a person who cannot stand on his feet. With this old story, this big pine tree is called “Izari matsu”.

The main temple of Bekkaku No.12 Enmei-ji

Inside the main temple


After worship, I went to Nokyo-jyo. When I handed over my stamp book, he looked at the paper with my name on the back of it and said, “This is written by the man in Nankobo, isn’t it?” Apparently, he knew Hirata-san 🙂 Hirata-san must be a famous person.

The temple stamp of Bekkaku No.12 Enmei-ji

Dedicated toJizo-Bosatsu (地蔵菩薩)
Founded byGyoki-Bosatsu (行基菩薩)
DenominationShingon-sect Omuro-group (真言宗御室派)
Mantraおん かかか びさんまえい そわか
On Kakaka Bisanmaei Sowaka
Next templeNo.65 Sankaku-ji
Previous templeNo.64 Maegami-ji
Bekkaku No.12 Enmei-ji