Day 22: No.44 Daiho-ji (大寶寺)

The main gate appeared suddenly in avenue of cedar trees

The main gate of No.44 Daiho-ji

There’s a set of huge straw sandals in the main gate

The main gate of No.44 Daiho-ji appears suddenly in avenue of large cedar trees, and is surprisingly large and magnificent. There’s a set of huge straw sandals that reach to the ceiling of the gate. The Nio-statue is also impressive. I was moved by the feeling that this is where the half of my Shikoku Henro pilgrimage would end finally.

Finally I reached to No.44 Daiho-ji out of 88 sacred temples

The main temple of No.44 Daiho-ji

The water in the handwash basin was frozen because of the cold weather. There’re no people around, and both the main temple and the Taishi-do have solemn atmosphere, which is really nice.


The bell tower

Jyuichi-men kanzeon-bosatsu, which has 11 faces on top of its head

It was bit pity that the person who wrote the sutra script was not very friendly.

A jizo statue seems to wear white clothing 🙂

The temple stamp of No.44 Daiho-ji

Dedicated toJyuichi-men kanzeon-bosatsu (十一面観世音菩薩)
Founded byMyojin Ukyo, Hayato (明神右京・隼人)
DenominationShingon-sect Busan-group (真言宗豊山派)
Mantraおん まか きゃろにきゃ そわか
On Maka Kyaronikya Sowaka
Next templeNo.45 Iwaya-ji (9.7 Km away)
Previous templeNo.43 Meiseki-ji (67.2 Km away)
No.44 Daiho-ji