Day 5: No.19 Tatsue-ji (立江寺)

Walking through bamboo forest

After leaving Onzan-ji, the Henro route goes through bamboo forest which is not well-maintained. I remembered that I saw a TV program yesterday highlighting one young person who moved from the city and is trying to revitalize this small town by making some art from these unused bamboo.

Yes, it may be typical story and I probably saw similar stories several times in TV program indeed. However, I now feel this as “real” one, and started to think about its meaning. Probably the experience in WEEK Kamiyama gave me some impact to think as such. This is interesting aspect of being Ohenro-san, allowing me to think one thing thoroughly while walking.

The stone sign post showing the direction to No.19 Tatsue-ji

This sign shows it is “official” rest place for pilgrims

While waking along the Henro route, you’ll find several sign posts. Some of them seems to be very old. You can also find rest places, and some of them have quite unique form as you see in the picture.

The main gate of No.19 Tatsue-ji

Extremely thick rope for temple bell

At No.19 Tatsue-ji, I’m amazed by this extremely thick rope for temple bell. In fact, it seems it’s for hugging rather than ringing the temple bell.

Incense sticks are also thick

Then I also found this strange incense. It’s also really thick… probably 10 times thicker than the normal one. Something is strange, but I cannot find any reason behind 🙂

Although I like the temple as its old and unique style, I feel like this temple is bit too commercialized. Well that’s necessary for some aspects though…

Sakai-ken honpo, you can buy Japanese confectionery

The pinkish one this side is “must buy” Tatsue-mochi

The Sakai-ken honpo is located just in front of No.19 Tatsue-ji, and it’s famous for “Tatsue-mochi”. I’m font of Japanese confectionery, and bought this Tatsue-mochi. It’s different from usual Daifuku (rice cake with sweet beans), with its special pinkish color and delicate sweet tastes… recommended!

The temple stamp of No.19 Tatsue-ji

Dedicated toEnmei-Jizoson (延命地蔵尊)
Founded byGyoki-Bosatsu (行基菩薩)
DenominationShingon-sect Koya-group (真言宗高野派)
Mantraおん かかかび さんまえい そわか
On Kakakabi Sanmaei Sowaka
Next templeNo.20 Kakurin-ji (13.1 Km away)
Previous templeNo.18 Onzan-ji (4.0 Km away)
No.19 Tatsue-ji