Day 11: No.28 Dainichi-ji (大日寺)

The main gate of No.28 Dainichi-ji

Butsuguten – the shop selling Buddhist articles

Straw sandals are enshrined to the main gate together with small coins

The main gate of No.28 Dainichi-ji is simple without Nio-statues. I found some small straw sandals are enshrined together with some small coins. There were no on around here, and I could visit in a very quiet and solemn atmosphere.

The bell seems to be quite old

The main temple of No.28 Dainichi-ji


At the main temple

The main temple has a beautiful symmetrical roof and it is said that it was built without using a single nail.

The temple stamp of No.28 Dainichi-ji

Dedicated toDainichi-Nyorai (大日如来)
Founded byGyoki-Bosatsu (行基菩薩)
DenominationShingon-sect Chisan-group (真言宗智山派)
Mantraおん ばざら だどばん
On Bazara Dadoban
Next templeNo.29 Kokubun-ji (9.2 Km away)
Previous templeNo.27 Kounomine-ji (37.5 Km away)
No.28 Dainichi-ji