Day 33: No.86 Shido-ji (志度寺)

The old Koto-den was displayed at the road station Genpei-no-sato Mure

From Yakuri-ji to Shido-ji, it was another tough descent. At the entrance to the old pilgrimage route, there was a sign saying to be careful because the route is steep and slippery.

At the roadside station, Genpei-no-sato Mure, there were some delicious looking rice cakes, but I had to give up because the expiration date on the five packages was today… too bad. I was hoping for some soft ice cream, but unfortunately there was none. At the backside of the roadside station, the old Koto-den train was on display. I somehow remembered it, probably because I took a ride on it when I was child 🙂

A quiet and calm town along the henro route

Former home of Dr. Gennai Hiraga

As I continued to walk, I was surprised to see the former home of Hiraga Gennai, the famous inventor of Elekiter (the electric generator). I didn’t know that Hiraga Gennai lived in Shido. If I had more time, I could have gone inside.

The entrance of Shido-ji

When I arrived at Shido-ji, I first saw this magnificent five-storied pagoda beyond the main gate. It has a nice old atmosphere.

The main gate of No.86 Shido-ji

The Nio statue is said to be by Unkei.

The main gate looks massive and the Nio statue inside is said to be by Unkei. It is designated as an important cultural property of Japan.

Magnificent five-storied pagoda

The main temple of No.86 Shido-ji


The main temple and the Taishi-do both look quite old. The bell tower was inaccessible because of the danger of falling. The precincts of the temple were also somewhat disorderly, with a nice old atmosphere mixed.

Inside the main temple

Enma statue has 11 faces on the head

Shido-ji has a statue of Enma, which looks quite impressive. Enma of Shido-ji is said to be an incarnation of the eleven-faced Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara which is the main image of Shido-ji.

It is said that the face of Enma looks scary or gentle depending on the state of mind of the person who visits the temple. And indeed he certainly has a mysterious expression on his face.

The grave of Dr. Genai Hiraga

Near Shido-ji, there was also the grave of Hiraga Gennai, so I paid a visit.

Dedicated toJyuichi-men-Kanzeon-Bosatsu (十一面観世音菩薩)
Founded byFujiwara no Fuhito (藤原不比等)
DenominationShingon-sect Zentsuji-group (真言宗善通寺派)
Mantraおん まか きゃろにきゃ そわか
On Maka Kyaronikya Sowaka
Next templeNo.87 Nagao-ji (7.0 Km away)
Before No.87, I also visited Gyokusen-ji, inner shrine of No.87 Nagao-ji
Previous templeNo.85 Yakuri-ji (6.5 Km away)
I also visited Jizo-ji, inner shrine of No.86 Shido-ji
No.86 Shido-ji