Day 33: Jizo-ji, inner shrine of No.86 Shido-ji (志度寺奥の院 地蔵寺)

The main gate of Jizo-ji, inner shrine of No.86 Shido-ji

Before arriving at Shido-ji, I found the inner shrine of Shido-ji and paid my respects. I was curious about the meaning of “Uonomido (魚霊堂)” written in front of the gate, so I looked it up.

There is a legend that during the reign of Emperor Keiko in Japanese mythology, a son of Nihon Takeru-no-Mikoto was ordered by the Emperor to exterminate a large fish that attacked ships and ate people in the sea of Tosa. When the large fish hid in Shido-ura, it was exterminated by him. Later the villagers feared that the large fish was cursed, so they built a small hall called Uomido and dedicated it to Jizo Bosatsu.

The main temple of Jizo-ji

Monjyu-Bosatsu (文殊菩薩) is dedicated

Dedicated toMonjyu-Bosatsu (文殊菩薩)
Founded byOoshisono-ko (凡薗子)
DenominationShingon-sect Zentsuji-group (真言宗善通寺派)
Mantraおん あらはしゃ のう
On Arahasha Nou
Next templeNo.86 Shido-ji
Previous templeNo.85 Yakuri-ji
Jizo-ji, inner shrine of No.86 Shido-ji