Day 8: Osettai drive to cape Muroto

Route 55 towards cape Muroto

My old friend thought that I wouldn’t be able to move from Saba-Daishi Yashiro-ji, so he seems to be surprised when he heard from me that I’m already walking towards cape Muroto. We promised to meet at Kaifu station, where the Henro route will meet again with route 55. Before I arrive at the station, I found a drugstore. When I told about the pain on my knee, they recommended a plaster containing diclofenac. It seems they’re used to get same kind of queries from pilgrims 🙂

The coastline to cape Muroto is wild and the sea is also beautiful. I thought I feel it’s bit pity that I could not walk, but at the same time I’m convinced that I would not be able to reach to the guest house I plan to stay today.