Day 33: Sightseeing the sites of the Genpei War

Stone signpost showing there’s the sites of Genpei War

You can enjoy panoramic view of battlefield of Genpei War

Yashima is the site of the Genpei War, and there are some historical sites such as the Pond of Blood. From Yashima, I could enjoy panoramic view of the battlefield.

The shrine of Emperor Antoku

The climb up was tough, so naturally the descent was tough too. Moreover, the road was muddy due to rain and slippery. When I came down to Dannoura, there were historical sites such as Emperor Antoku’s shrine and Yoshitsune’s archery display.

The grave of Shinnen in Susaki-ji

I also visited Susaki-ji where there’s the grave of Shinnen, who is said to be the father of Shikoku pilgrimage, and put his efforts on the construction of the pilgrimage route. His grave was originally in Shioya, Mure-cho, but was moved to this location.