Day 22: Walk to No.45 Iwaya-ji via Furu-iwaya

A sign post guide you to No.45 Iwaya-ji

Not all the old sign posts is readable

The henro route from Daiho-ji Temple is again in the mountain side… It was quite difficult with a lot of snow. I thought I would arrive at the Haccho-zaka Japanese inn sooner or later, but it took me quite a while.

Lunch at Haccho-zaka Japanese-inn

At Haccho-zaka Japanese inn where I planed to stay today, I first left my luggage and asked if I could have lunch. They said they could provide lunch with already available ingredients. It was really helpful because I was starving.

Now and then, pilgrims are the same

According to the landlord of the Haccho-zaka Japanese inn, Haccho-zaka will be tough because of this snow, so if I go via the prefectural road, it will take about 3.5 to 4 hours to go there and come back. I decided to follow his advice.

Odd rocks at Furu-iwaya

Interesting view of icicles around the hole in the conglomerate

At Furu-iwaya area, I was surprised to see a large odd rock with a hole in it. This area is part of Shikoku Karst Prefectural Natural Park, one of the three major karsts in Japan.