Day 17: Walk along the Shimonokae river to No.39 Enko-ji

Haiku poem regarding pilgrimage

Be careful for a shot !?

The road goes up slowly along the Shimonokae River and become extremely narrow on the way. There is a place where it seems to go along the edge of the cliff, so it looks scary if I would go with car. Indeed, even on foot, I felt my butt itchy since it’s too high…

It is allowed to go through only 10 minutes per hour

Under construction to fix landslide

There are some places where it is dangerous to go through because of the construction work on the road. On the prefectural road, I encountered monkeys eating nuts or something, and they ran away when they noticed me. Anyway, I felt again how happy I am to be able to forget everything and walk slowly in such a nature.

A mysterious door…

Jade green water

A bus stop is also used for a resting place for pilgrims

I left early in the morning, so by 10:00 a.m., I was already hungry. In fact, I feel like it’s been a long time since I was starving to death, but it happens many times during this pilgrimage.

Pressed sushi with mackerel

Dried persimmons

Are then anything to eat at “Mihara no Jiman-ya” on the way? So I went in and found some delicious-looking oshizushi. The big one was cheap, but it was so big that I couldn’t seem to eat it, so I bought the one with a sushi roll and pressed sushi with mackerel. It was still quite a lot and was just 350 yen!

At the food and drink corner next to the shop, they only had a set of tempura. However, it seems that I’m allowed to bring in my own food (that I bought), so I decided to eat it together with dried persimmon, I bought additionally.

It seemed that local ladies were busy to make something. Then they offered me tea while saying that “It’s also a resting place for pilgrims, so take your time” While I was eating sushi, they offered me a steamed cake they just made. What a heartwarming reception.

The dried persimmon was also good, then they said, “You may think they’re quite expensive, but it’s considering the amount of work to make them”. I’m rather surprised how cheap it was, because I would not be able to get get them for such a cheap price in Tokyo. And they were delicious too. I was quite happy to visit here.

The Nakasuji-gawa dam

Pilgrims are guided to see the dam 🙂

A beautifully constructed dam

Jizo statue along the henro route

A typical Japanese rural landscape