Day 16: Walk to Cape Ashizuri & No.38 Kongofuku-ji

Beautiful sunrise at Shimonokae coast

I could see really beautiful sunrise at the Shimonokae coast, but unfortunately, the sun rose from the clouds this morning again. Hmm, I wanted to see the morning sunshine over the horizon.

Henro route on the Oki coast

On the way to No.38 Kongofuku-ji, I thought it was interesting that the pilgrims are supposed to walk on the sandy beach at the Oki coast. The landlord of Lodge Camellia suggested to avoid this and walk national road instead because it’s cumbersome if sand is coming into the shoes. However, I went on the beach simply because it was really beautiful.

They’re selling shellfish in the unattended market!

Shellfish I’ve never seen before 🙂

I’ve often seen these unattended market during pilgrimage. Mostly they’re selling some local oranges, but this time I found they’re selling shellfish, interesting. So I took a look inside, then I found the one I’ve never seen before. They recommended to put them into miso soup… seems delicious.

Seri – auction at the port of Kubotsu

At the port of Kubotsu, fishes were being unloaded from the boat, and it seemed that “seri – auction” was going on. I wanted to take a look, but I didn’t want to bother them and I didn’t have much time neither, so I just watched it from a distance.

Near the port of Kubotsu, I found a factory where there were a lot of dried fishes and I could smell a wonderful broth. It seems that they used to catch whales in Kubotsu, and at the fisherman’s shop, it was written that they had delicious whale meat, which was caught in Kubotsu (3,500 JPY per kilo), which made me curious.

Old sign posts

Approach to Konpira shrine

Tunnel of camellia

Finally arrived at the Cape Ashizuri

As I approached the Cape Ashizuri, there were many camellia trees and the Henro route looked like a tunnel of camellia. Finally, I saw a small lighthouse-like monument with the word “Cape Ashizuri” written on it in front of me. Finally, I’ve come here!