Day 16: Sightseeing around Cape Ashizuri

The lighthouse at the Cape Ashizuri

I took a look at the lighthouse at the Cape Ashizuri and the place called “Tengu-no-Hana”. The sea was really blue and beautiful.

Camellia would be beautiful

There is a tunnel of camellia along the promenade around here, but unfortunately most of the flowers have fallen off.

According to the landlord of Lodge Camellia, it looked like a red carpet when it is seen from the second floor of the cafeteria. It seems that I missed the season, too bad.

Beautiful view around the Cape Ashizuri

Hakusan Doumon – A gate-like rock

The Hakusan Doumon, where big rock were hollowed out and waves came in, was also very impressive. It was good that I could have some time to go sightseeing.

Ashizuri Therme

I was wondering where to eat lunch and found that the restaurant named “Cape” seemed to be a have some nice menu. There were daily lunch with fresh sashimi of local mackerel (Tosa-shimizu area is very famous for its mackerel) , fried mackerel and “arani” (a type of Japanese food made by boiling the bony parts of fish). And I was also lucky enough to be able to relax in a radon hot spring at Ashizuri Terme, which was just a short walk from this restaurant.

The village near the Cape Ashizuri

On the way back, I walked on the west side of the peninsula to Tosa-shimizu town to see how the town looks like, then went back to Lodge Camelia.