Day 14: Walk to the road station Aguri Kubokawa

Black bamboo is local specialties around this area

Kochi expressway

The resting place for pilgrims

The last few kilometers are tough trail up to Nanako pass

The Henro trail to the Nanako pass was basically gentle climb up to the middle. However, there was a series of pretty tough climbs at the end of the trail, so I was really exhausted.

The view from Nanako pass

But the view from Nanako pass is really nice, and all the fatigues has gone 🙂

Walk through country side road

Due to the last tough trail, I was now worried about the downhill from Nanako pass. But fortunately, it was a slightly downhill path along the national road 56, so it wasn’t a problem for my knee.

It’s first time to see a pilgrim walking much faster than me 🙂

While I thought I was about to reach to the road station Aguri Kubokawa, I heard a ring tone, which seemed to be from the bell attached to a pilgrim’s stick (Kongo-zue).

I noticed that he was the guy I passed each other on the way back from Seiryu-ji yesterday, so I quickly said hello to him. If he walked yesterday’s route without using the ferry I used, his walking pace must be quite fast and impressive!

The road station Aguri Kubokawa

It seems like there’s famous Kaiyo-do hobby museum near here !?

Shimanto pork udon noodle in miso stew

There was a restaurant attached to the road station, Aguri Kubokawa, so I went in. There was an Unadon – a grilled eel rice bowl – that is typical of Shimanto. I was quite curious about it, but the person who came to take my order strongly recommended their udon noodles with pork in miso stew, I ordered it. The pork and thick udon noodles were quite tasty.

After I left the road station, I saw Shimanto Pork signboard on a couple of occasions, so it might be quite famous around here.