What about public restroom ?

Kayabuki Henro-goya, restroom

Indeed, I myself wondered about the restroom along the Shikoku Henro Pilgrimage route before my departure. So let me comment from my experience.

Along the route, there’re of course some public restrooms and you can also find them at each temple. In addition, since local people understand pilgrimage culture, they usually kindly let you use if you ask at the places like below.

  • Convenience store
  • Supermarket / Grocery store
  • Restaurants
  • Guest house
  • Post office

I think it’s manageable for most of the case, but please be prepared that some of the public restroom could be dirty (especially I guess it would be tough for women), above option may not be available if you walk early in the morning. And there’re only few restroom available along the route 55 towards the cape Muroto.

Pilgrimage Route Restroom Map (English page) is provided by The Shikoku Henro World Heritage Inscription Council Office.

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