Day 7: Guest house Kaizan-so (海山荘)

The dinner at Kaizan-so

Yuzu-su (柚子酢), the yellow one

It seems that the main business of the guest house Kaizan-so is restaurants, and as such, the dinner was quite good. On the table, I found this yellow “soy sauce” and wonder what it is… according to the landlord it is Yuzu-su (柚子酢) which suites great with grilled fish.

I got a message from the old friend I met in day 5, saying that he’ll come around Shishikui town tomorrow (14 Km away from here) and he would offer a ride to Muroto as osettai if necessary. I appreciated this offer since the condition of my left knee has been getting worse, and I was about to change my plan to take some rest around here for a day or two.

Hotel fee5176 JPY
Personal rating★★★☆☆
The guest house Kaizan-so