Day 23: Takanoko Hotel (たかのこホテル)

Next the hotel, there’s Takanoko Onsen

The standard single room

Takanoko Hotel has a modern atmosphere. For some reason, it is decorated with a lot of motorcycles, perhaps because of the owner’s taste. It was nice that the hotel guest can use the Takanoko Hot Spring next to the hotel at any time.

Buffet style dinner

There are quite a few items at the buffet for dinner. I had a hearty meal of meat dishes and Western food. Honestly I was bit tired of similar fish at the dinner although they’re actually very good :).

The bath is spacious and very comfortable. It is said that this hot spring has some connection to Kobo-Daishi. It seemed to be very effective to my body, hence I felt tired and sleepy after coming out of the bath. There are two different sources of the hot spring here, and one of them is used as Daishi-no-yu which has been available from before. The temperature of this source is 31 degrees, which is tepid but very pleasant. The other source is the one put out recently, and the temperature is 47 degrees. It is used in an open-air bath. Although it’s hot, it’s also very pleasant. I could relax a lot!

Hotel fee9560 JPY
Personal rating★★★★★
Takanoko Hotel