Day 22: Haccho-zaka Japanese-inn (いやしの宿 八丁坂)

The room of Haccho-zaka Japanese-inn

The dinner was hearty and delicious!

At dinner time, I was accompanied by an old man who was 73 years old and was doing Shikoku henro pilgrimage on foot. He said that he used a car to be able to bring two types of shoes, one for walking on the flatland and the other for mountain climbing. He also sometimes slept in the car to save money on accommodation. Basically, he went to the destination of that day by car in advance, and then went back to the stating position by taking a bus or other public transportation. Then he started to walk towards the car (destination). I was so impressed by his energetic attitude.

Hotel fee6800 JPY
Personal rating★★★★☆
Haccho-zaka Japanese-inn