Day 18: Guest house Beach

The building of guest house Beach looks old

It’s about 8 Km walk to the guest house Beach from No.40 Kanzai-ji, so I’m going to get there rather early today. Once I arrived at Murote beach, where the guest house Beach is located, I saw a spectacular view of the beach. Soon after that, I found the guest house, which looked indeed quite old… I wondered if it’s actually OK or not, very honestly.

Looks like a fish or shellfish farm

The port looks lively in the morning

I went in and greeted, then the old man who was brushing the floor said, “Welcome, please have a seat here”, and then called the old lady to make me a cup of coffee. I told them that I came from Sukumo city today, and that I was going to stay at the guest house Mima tomorrow. Then, he said “If you still have energy, you can leave your bag behind and walk the remaining hour until 5 p.m. along route 56. I’ll pick you up in an hour or so and take you there tomorrow morning.”

It would help me a lot to make up the distance without luggage, considering that it will be raining tomorrow. So I thanked him and I could walk about 6 Km while enjoying good views.

Very good view from the room of the guest house Beach

The view from the room was amazing, but the room was pretty old. The problem was that the fluorescent light was flickering, which was a bit annoying. Well, there’s nothing I can do…(I don’t really want to bother old landlord)

The dinner was really tasty with full of local seafood

Japanese fan lobster!

A shellfish called Chlamys nobilis

For dinner, they offer something little different, such as vinegared Japanese fan lobster in its original form, and sashimi of shellfish called Chlamys nobilis. They were all delicious!

Hotel fee6480 JPY
Personal rating★★★☆☆
Guest house Beach