Day 17: Manabe Ryokan (まなべ旅館)

A kotatsu, Japanese foot warmer, is available in the room

Manabe Ryokan is located in an open area near a national road route 58, which surprised me a bit. It was also much larger than the other guest house I’ve been to.

When I entered the ryokan, a pretty young woman helped me and showed me the room, bath, and washing machine.

Sukumo city is famous for its sunset which looks like a daruma

When she asked me what time I would have dinner, I asked her “I’d like to see the Daruma sunset, so is it okay if it’s a little late?”. Then she told me “I’m afraid to say but I don’t think we’ll be able to see it today. In order to see it, it must be really cold outside, however, it’s too warm today unfortunately. In addition, you need walk a bit to get to the place where you can see it.” Hmm, that’s pity.

A delicious dinner with a focus on fish

Then sauteed pork was offered later, wow

The dinner was really good. In fact, it seems that there’re many local customers were coming here to eat dinner at the restaurant of this ryokan.

The map explaining where to evacuate in case of Tsunami alert

This map explains that I should evacuate to other building if there’s Tsunami alert because expected maximum flooding depth would be more than 10m… oh, that’s really scary, which reminds me the Tsunami of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Hotel fee7560 JPY
Personal rating★★★★★
Manabe Ryokan