Day 9: Route & Timetable

The landlady clang the ring from the downstairs every time when something (dinner, bath, breakfast) is ready for me. And it was always 20 minutes earlier than planned time. She said she’s impatient, but I feel it comes from her kindness for pilgrims. She also kindly prepared a lunch box for me for a long walk to Nahari town today.

Thanks to the plaster I bought yesterday, I feel that the pain is now under control. So I decided to walk even though the landlady proposed me a ride to No.25 Shinsho-ji.

07:00Departure (D): Guest house Shiina
09:00Arrival (A): No.25 Shinsho-ji
09:30D: Walk to No.26 Kongocho-ji
10:30A: No.26 Kongocho-ji
11:00D: Walk towards Nahari town
11:30A: Road station Kira Messe Muroto
12:00D: Walk towards Nahari town
12:30A: Walk around the street of old Kiragawa town
13:10D: Walk to the Hotel Nahari
16:30A: The Hotel Nahari
Day 9: Route & Timetable

Here’re some pictures from day 9.