Day 24: Route & Timetable

The cool painting of Shigemoto Hidekichi-san at Ehime-ken Gokoku Shrine

I took a morning bath and then went to the breakfast room, thinking that the old man would probably eat breakfast early. Indeed he was there, and he has just finished eating. I’m sorry to hear that he was worried that something was wrong for me because I’m late 🙂

His plan today was to go near Enmyo-ji temple, and then drive ahead by his car he put there. Maybe this could be the last time we will see each other, which makes me feel bit sad. We wish each other’s safe completion of the pilgrimage and shake hands. I have to do my best, too.

07:00Departure (D): Takanoko Hotel
08:40Arrival (A): Dogo Onsen
08:50D: Walk to No.52 Taisan-ji
11:10A: No.52 Taisan-ji
11:50D: Walk to No.53 Enmyo-ji
13:00A: No.53 Enmyo-ji
13:30D: Walk to the Seapa Makoto
16:10A: The Seapa Makoto
Day 24: Route & Timetable

Here’re some pictures from day 24.