Day 23: Route & Timetable

Henro map in Ehime available in the inn. This types of information is always valuable

It’s quite cold this morning. The landlord of the inn gave me the ride to the road station with the 73 years old man with whom I spoke yesterday. He said he wears a helmet instead of a sedge hut. Wow, indeed it’s reasonable considering this snowy mountain side trail.

I told him that I booked Takanoko hotel today because I liked hot springs, then he said he would stay at the same hotel. Tresure every encounter. We shook hands and said goodbye. He’s an energetic and soft-hearted person, and I wish him good luck for his “Kechigan” – the completion of his pilgrimage.

07:00Departure (D): Haccho-zaka Japanese-inn
10:00From snowy mountain to warm sunny flatland
10:30Arrival (A): No.46 Jyoruri-ji
11:00D: Walk to No.47 Yasaka-ji
11:15A: No.47 Yasaka-ji
11:50D: Walk to No.48 Sairin-ji
12:00A: Bekkaku No.9 Monjyu-in Tokusei-ji
13:30A: No.48 Sairin-ji
14:00D: Walk to No.49 Jyodo-ji
14:50A: No.49 Jyodo-ji
15:15D: Walk to No.50 Hanta-ji
15:30A: No.50 Hanta-ji
15:50D: Walk to No.51 Ishide-ji
16:20A: No.51 Ishide-ji
17:00D: Walk to Takanoko Hotel
18:00A: Takanoko Hotel
Day 23: Route & Timetable

Here’re some pictures from day 23.