Day 19: Route & Timetable

The port with some work area ?

The old landlord at the guest house Beach told his story in the morning. He has been cultivating Hiogi-gai chlamys nobilis for 50 years now, and it was originally started by him. However, other fishermen around him also started it to earn some money, and it became unprofitable because of the competition.

Other people were making pearls with Akoya shells as their main job. Hence cultivating Hiogi-gai was done in their spare time and they sold it 20 yen while the profit line is 50 yen.

So Hiogi-gai could not be profitable business anymore, and in addition, the pearl-making technique has also been lost to other countries. Because of this, there’re only 20 people doing these businesses now, while there were more than 300 people previously.

06:30Departure (D): Guest house Beach
12:10Arrival (A): Mameki Daishi
12:30A: Sightseeing Uwajima castle
13:10D: Walk to No.41 Ryuko-ji
15:40A: No.41 Ryuko-ji
16:10D: Walk to Guest house Mima
16:30A: Guest house Mima
Day 19: Route & Timetable

Here’re some pictures from day 19.