Day 14: Route & Timetable

Must be beautiful in April with full bloom of cherry blossoms

According to the map, the “Soemimizu henro route”, the “Osaka henro route” or the “National road 56” can be reached from Tosa-Kure to Nanako pass. Also, it is said somewhere that the “Osaka henro route” has been under construction for about a year since March last year and is closed. However, there was no sign of anything in particular, so I decided take Osaka henro route.

The cherry trees along the Osakadanigawa River must be beautiful in spring with full bloom. On the way, I’m surprised to see that wild boar with a big tusks… do they plan to eat it ? 🙂

08:00Departure (D): Kuroshio Honjin
08:00D: Walk to the road station Aguri Kubokawa
12:20Arrival (A): Road station Aguri Kubokawa
13:00D: Walk to No.37 Iwamoto-ji
13:40A: No.37 Iwamoto-ji
14:20D: Walk to Tosa-saga Onsen Kobushi-no-sato
16:50A: Tosa-saga Onsen Kobushi-no-sato
Day 14: Route & Timetable

Here’re some pictures from day 14.