Day 14: Tosa-saga Onsen Kobushi-no-sato (土佐佐賀温泉 こぶしのさと)

Why !?

Several times, Henro route does not allow easier path…

No.38 Kongofuku-ji is located more than 80 Km away…

On the way to today’s inn, Kobushi-no-sato, there was old Ichinose pilgrimage path. I thought it would be a hard climb, but on the contrary, it was a mountain trail with continuous downhill. It was quite slippery, and the condition of the road was not so good. So it was a little hard work for me.

A rare sign post 🙂

A farmer seems to burn the field

On the way, I was passed from behind by that pilgrim again (He previously passed me, but eventually he was behind me again somewhere). His walking pace was quite fast, but he may have taken some short rest often ?

A clean and neat room at Kobushi-no-sato

When I arrived at the hotel, a cheerful and kind front person explained me dinner time, baths and all sorts of things.

For Henro pilgrims, they provide simpler dinner with cheaper price, but it’ was quite nice!

The hotel accepts day trip visitors for onsen, so there were quite a few visitors. Anyway, I could relax very much with the hot springs.

I took their “pilgrimage” plan, in which it is said the dinner would be simple. However, it’s pretty good enough for me with kakiage (deep fried vegetables) and carpaccio using local fish.

Bushukan drink

After dinner, I bought a “Bushukan drink”, since I’m bit curious about this “Bushukan”. It has a unique aroma and bitter taste that is different from any other citrus fruit I’ve ever tasted, and is quite tasty. According to the explanation, “Bushukan” is a member of the sudachi (citrus fruits) family, but because it has a milder acidity and richer flavor than kabosu, yuzu and sudachi, it has been loved as the king of the vinegar citrus in the Shimanto region of Kochi Prefecture since long ago.

Hotel fee8740 JPY
Personal rating★★★★☆
Kobushi no sato